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Trapeze Yoga Instructor Jackie

Trapeze Yoga Teacher

Jackie is a  dedicated yoga teacher with a passion for helping her clients discover the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness.

Jackie first fell in love with Yoga at University and her practice has been on and off ever since. However the more stressful life became, the more her love for Yoga grew and decided that she wanted to share this passion with others that also had challenging and busy lives, requiring a way to reset and recharge whilst remaining grounded through their Yoga Practice.

In Jackie's classes, you can expect a nurturing and inclusive environment where practitioners of all levels are welcome. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, you'll find a space to deepen your practice and explore your limits.

Jackie designs classes that cater to various needs – from gentle and restorative sessions for relaxation to dynamic and challenging flows for strength and flexibility.


  • Yoga Trapeze

  • RHS Yoga 200 hours

  • Gravity Yoga

Upcoming Retreats

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