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As everyday life puts so many demands on our time, energy and emotions, it’s easy to feel stressed out and disconnected from our true selves. Having time away from our busy lives on a wellness break with Success Retreats offers the chance to re-set and enhance your overall well-being.  


Take an incredible journey of personal growth and healing when you book one of the new wellness retreats on offer from Success Retreats. Led by experts, carefully tailored sessions such as workshops, seminars, meditation and yoga supports guests with all aspects of their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. With a varied wellness and detox programme, you can look forward to re-charging your mind, body and soul and leaving feeling refreshed and revitalised.

We have hand-picked experienced instructors to lead the retreats and guide you through a series of enlightening sessions focusing on self-healing and discovery, detox, diet and relaxation. 

Meditating by the Pool
  • Reaching a state of deep relaxation using movement, Somatic Healing Movement releases muscular tension and integrates breath to offer physical and emotional healing.  


  • Nature Meditation takes place outside surrounded with the healing sights, sounds and touches of the beauty of nature. 

  • Breathwork teaches different techniques of breathing to give a feeling of wonderful relaxation and enhance health and general well-being.   


  • The healing powers of Yoga Nidra helps those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety or even burn-out. Suitable for all levels, this relaxing style of yoga is a gentle practice with excellent benefits to help with fatigue and an over-active mind. 


  • If you haven’t heard of Ayurvedic medicine, it is an ancient holistic approach to enhance both your physical and mental well-being. Our detox programme based at an Ayurvedic Centre will help with stress management and improve your health.  


  • Or take a spiritual healing journey to align your mind, body and soul on a transformative retreat.

  • According to its supporters, cold water exposure can be life-changing. It has huge physical benefits as it increases energy, improves circulation, and strengthens our immune systems. It is also excellent for mental health as it increases mental resilience and reduces tension and stress. Cold water exposure involves immersing yourself, under control, into water at a temperature of anything less than 16 degrees Celsius, using the cold as a positive stressor in which you use your controlled breath and focussed mindset to become comfortable in the uncomfortable! It can be anything from cold showers, outdoor swimming or taking an ice bath.​ One of the best ways to learn about the benefits of cold water exposure and to experience the cold using your breath and mindset to go about it in a fully controlled matter, is under the supervision of a certified Wim Hof Method instructor. That’s why our certified Wim Hof Method instructor hosts Wim Hof Method Fundamental Workshops during selected retreats.

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