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Laura Seddon Retreat

About Us

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Part of The Albatross Group, Success Tours have been delivering group travel for over 35 years and in 2020, made the decision to launch Success Retreats. Specialising in Yoga, Pilates and Wellness retreats and fitness breaks around the world, it is based on our knowledge, experience and expertise in this area of group travel having both delivered and been part of the tour experience for fitness and travel groups. 

We understand what makes the perfect retreat and only work with suppliers around the world that share this understanding, ensuring not only the highest quality, but also the most affordable prices for the perfect experience. Our qualified instructor partners are experts in their practices, often with additional qualifications and niche positionings. Furthermore, we audit and risk assess each property to ensure it is fit for purpose. 

All of our retreats are ABTOT and ATOL protected with guaranteed financial protection and include accommodation, meal plans and excursions, as well as flights and airport transfers where applicable. We provide full support and advice to our instructors during the itinerary planning process and throughout the retreat and take pride in delivering retreats that perfectly suit the needs and objectives of every individual that travels with us.  

For more information on the guidelines and Regulations of attending or hosting a Retreat CLICK HERE.

Our Purpose

To treat everyone who travels with us like an individual we genuinely care about.

Our Ambition as a Group

Together we will build a sustainable business and make Albatross a great place to be.

The Albatross Way - Stronger Together



We have a passion for treating people as human beings and individuals. Ours is an open, friendly culture where customers, suppliers, business partners and our people know that they will find empathy, warmth, fairness, trust and respect.



We never forget our obligations as a business, or to each other. We take our work and our responsibilities to others seriously. We learn, we take ownership, and we address problems as and when they occur.



We are a solution-focused organisation. We believe that most situations can be resolved so that everybody feels good about the outcome. We offer our people opportunities and a positive safe working environment. In return, we ask for commitment to yourself through personal and professional development and a commitment to The Albatross Way.

Find out a bit more about the people behind the scenes at Success Retreats HERE.

For group travel please visit our sister company Success Tours below

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The Group Travel Specialists


"Absolutely loved all the sessions and the instructor made me feel completely comfortable. I was worried that I would feel embarrassed if I couldn't complete all the moves but she didn't make me feel that way at all. I felt energised, inspired, happy and content."

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