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India Retreats

As spending time by the sea is well-known to have a restorative effect, this peaceful tropical seaside resort set amongst coconut groves and lotus ponds offers the ultimate retreat. Known for its local fishing community, Marari Beach hosts a diverse ecosystem and is home to a variety of butterflies, turtles, frogs and different species of birds. Spacious Garden Villas with private pools, thatched with coconut leaves and bathrooms open to the skies bring you close to nature and provide an oasis of calm as you are lulled to sleep with the sounds of the sea. 

The retreat’s qualified doctors at the Ayurvedic centre are on hand to introduce you to the benefits of this ancient natural and holistic approach to physical and mental health.  Enjoy your morning yoga stretches at the yoga centre before having a deeply relaxing traditional Keralan massage to sooth away any stresses. There are also other areas around the Hotel suitable for your sessions set amongst the palm trees and grass lawn.


Learn more about the retreat’s unique ecosystem with a stroll around the butterfly garden or take a naturalist-led tour to point out the diverse number of plants and wildlife. Hiring an electric bike and exploring the traditional fishing villages is a great way to see more of the local way of life.

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