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Keeping active with regular exercise is important for us all not only to help reduce risk of chronic illnesses but also boost self-esteem, energy, mood and even sleep quality. Success Retreats has created a choice of fun and energising fitness breaks based on dance, HIIT, bootcamp and CrossFit to help you improve strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. 


Helping to reduce our stress and make us feel good, any kind of dance class is a total body workout which strengthens muscles, helps lose weight and above all is a lot of fun.  


Dance Class

HIIT is high intensity interval training with short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by a period of rest or less intense exercise. This can involve a wide choice of body weight and weighted activities performed at exertion within a set timeframe. HIIT sessions have proven health benefits such as boosting heart health and lowering your risk of heart disease.  


Building strength and fitness, Bootcamp is a rewarding and sociable way to improve your fitness fast. Individuals are taken through their paces by a fitness instructor with a series of repetitive exercises mostly using props to keep your heart rate elevated and your body burning calories at the same time. Formats can vary from a Circuit or Assault course style, with physical challenges along the way. 



CrossFit focuses on a strengthening and conditioning workout with movements performed at a high intensity level such as squatting, pulling, pushing. Influenced by weightlifting, gymnastics and HIIT training, which can be really varied with different rep scheme, weights and timing and be structured to suit all levels. 

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