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Pilates & Fitness Instructor Ellie

Pilates & Fitness Instructor

Eillie is so excited to welcome you to earn your fizz, a sparkling community of like minded women, a place of positivity. A place where motion lotion builds not only strength, but confidence too. 

She loves that feeling post-workout where you've pushed yourself, challenged yourself and then dance out of the doors feeling proud. Ellie wants to bottle that feeling and hand it out to everyone.

She teaches a whole range of classes, ranging from PT to Pilates! All her classes offer something for everyone, whether you're after a good sweat or a reformative stretch. She is so proud and priveledged to be able to support and encourage women of all ages, abilities and sizes to move and groove.

Ellie is a level 3 PT, advanced mat pilates instructor, aquacise, spin and level 2 swim teacher too! She has worked in the leisure industry for over 14 years and still thrives off working with so many different people from varying backgrounds, ages and abilities. She started her own business in 2021, working in the community, personal training and teaching her own classes! 


  • Level 3 PT

  • Level 3 Advanced Mat Pilates instructor

  • This mum moves ambassador

  • Indoor cycling instructor

  • Aquacise instructor

  • Level 2 swim instructor

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