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Discover the Magic of Trapeze Yoga

A group doing trapeze yoga at Karama Vida in Spain
© Light Trapper Photography

What is Trapeze Yoga? 

Trapeze yoga is an exciting, fun and highly beneficial yoga practice that incorporates straps and a sling to support the body. Originating from the principles of Iyengar yoga, this discipline enhances traditional yoga by adding elements of strength building, flexibility, and balance. It also emphasizes inverted postures, offering you a comprehensive yogi experience. 

The Benefits of Trapeze Yoga 

Instant Spinal Traction 

One of the standout benefits of trapeze yoga is its ability to provide instant spinal traction. For individuals suffering from back pain, this practice can be incredibly therapeutic. By inverting the body and utilizing gravity, the spine elongates, offering relief and promoting spinal health. Remarkably, this benefit is accessible to everyone, regardless of their prior yoga experience. 

Jackie Ngu in a trapeze yoga position suspended from an outdoor gym piece of equipment

Suspension Training 

Traditional yoga primarily involves pushing and holding body weight. However, trapeze yoga introduces suspension training, which allows for a balanced workout that includes both pushing and pulling movements. This balanced approach is essential for maintaining the health of the back, neck, and upper body, contributing to overall physical well-being. 

Enhanced Flexibility 

Trapeze yoga leverages the sling and suspension to deepen flexibility training. The use of gravity and suspension creates dynamic and passive stretches that enhance flexibility more effectively than traditional yoga poses alone. This method allows for a greater range of motion and improved flexibility over time. 

Deep Backbends 

Backbends are some of the most challenging poses in yoga, often requiring significant flexibility and strength. Trapeze yoga facilitates passive backbends, where you can simply hang and breathe, targeting stiff and stuck areas in the shoulders and thoracic spine. This approach makes deep backbends more accessible and less intimidating. 

More Than Just Hanging Around 

Nancy Doyle teaching a trapeze yoga class in a studio

Trapeze yoga is not just about hanging in the air; it’s a holistic practice that offers numerous physical and mental benefits. It combines strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation in a unique and enjoyable way. Whether you're looking to alleviate back pain, enhance your yoga practice, or simply try something new, trapeze yoga has something to offer for everyone. 

Final Thoughts 

Trapeze yoga is a versatile and engaging practice that goes beyond the conventional yoga mat. It provides an innovative way to achieve spinal traction, improve flexibility, and build upper body strength. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner, trapeze yoga offers a fun and effective way to elevate your practice and enhance your overall well-being. So, why not give it a try and experience the benefits of trapeze yoga for yourself? 


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