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Vinyasa Yoga Instructor Sabrina

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist

Sabrina, coming from Maracaibo, Venezuela, has embraced diverse cultures living in Aruba, the Netherlands, and currently, Spain. A vibrant and joyful yoga instructor, Sabrina embarked on her yoga journey in 2018 during a challenging period in her life, finding comfort, support and self-discovery through the practice. Her commitment deepened, leading to her first Yoga training in 2019. Pursuing her passion, she moved to Barcelona, where she became a Certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, starting her classes in both studio and outdoor settings.

Her journey took her next to the Netherlands, where she expanded her expertise to include Yoga and Functional Training classes. Completing her holistic approach to wellness, Sabrina also studied Holistic Nutrition to enhance her understanding of its vital role in our lives.

Sabrina's personality is as energetic, happy and joyous as her teaching style—friendly, outgoing, and keen on forging genuine connections. Her classes are characterized by their energy, dynamic movement, and the perfect blend of sweat, fun, and laughter. 

She holds a deep passion for Yoga and all forms of movement, as it anchors her in the present moment and fosters a profound connection with her essence, both body and soul. This practice is a celebration of the diverse capabilities of movement, expressing gratitude to our bodies for being the incredible vessels that navigate us through the journey of life.

Besides movement, she is passionate about nature, animals, traveling, gastronomy, photography and gemstones.  This last one being a big one in her life, as she is also a jewellery maker.


  • Hatha Vinyasa Yoga 200HR

  • Hot Hatha Yoga 50HR

  • Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist

  • CrossFit L1 Trainer

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