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Pilates Instructor Karen

Pilates Instructor

Karen is a movement encourager! Having been teaching Pilates for nearly twenty years, she’s developed a personal style of teaching which focuses on movement, ease and success. 

There’s no talk of neutral spine, engaging abs or feeling bad about your posture. Karen wants you to move, breathe, learn to love Pilates and progress in your own way. 

Having set up Fit School with husband Chris in 2013, Karen teaches Pilates and movement from pregnant clients all the way to clients in their 80s. Karen also writes for national publications, has led Essex-wide activity promotion campaigns and loves getting stuck into and local project that encourages activity. 

Karen lives in Essex with husband Chris and her two children Isaac and Naomi. For down-time Karen loves baking, playing the trumpet and any kind of craft activity.


  • JPilates Active IQ Level 3 Teaching Pilates Matwork

  • JPilates Active IQ Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Exercise Prescription

  • Future Fit Pilates Matwork Fundamentals and Intermediate Pilates Matwork

  • Nike Rockstar Workout Hip Hop Instructor

  • Holmes Place Personal Trainer and Pre-Natal Certification

  • Body Training Systems Instructor, Les Mills Body Balance, Body Combat, Body Jam, Body Pump, Body Attack

  • YMCA Cambridge Central YMCA Level 2 Teaching Exercise to Music

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