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Master Pilates Instructor Andrea

Master Pilates Instructor

Andrea, the director of Oxford Pilates, discovered her passion for Pilates in 2005 while studying Sports Therapy in Reading. 

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Sports Science and pursued her Master's degree in Neurological Rehabilitation in Oxford, where she also established her fully equipped Pilates studio in 2013. 

Coming from a family of medical professionals, Andrea is deeply committed to health promotion principles. From a young age, she developed a strong interest in cultivating healthy habits to prevent illness and enhance overall well-being. 

Her classes are characterised by a flowing and dynamic approach. Incorporating techniques such as the Franklin method and somatic movement, Andrea skilfully influences the nervous system, guiding participants towards inner awareness and a deeper understanding of the exercises.


  • Diploma in Sports therapy

  • BSc in Exercise and Health

  • MSc in Neurological rehabilitation

  • Pilates mat

  • Comprehensive (all equipment) Pilates for rehabilitation

  • Advanced reformer

  • Pre-post natal Pilates

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